Talent Solutions


Automotive players need to reimagine their roles, focusing on core operations and building effective ecosystems with industry partners, in response to changing driver patterns and performance, a variety of engine technologies, harsher environmental rules, and a boom in connection demand. To fulfill the needs of the expanding millennial consumer base, the automotive engineering sector is prepared to embark on its next tech-driven journey.

The status quo in the automotive engineering industry has changed as a result of digitalization, enhanced automation, and the emergence of disruptive technologies. Our organizational success will be judged by their capacity to quicken innovation, step up collaboration, and pinpoint cost-cutting opportunities in fields including connection, fleet management, electrification, and connectivity.

We know how important it is to provide value to the passengers, the end users of the automotive industry, despite working with some of the largest component suppliers. The goal of Digital Engineering's automotive solutions and services, comprising a span of IT, embedded systems, and electronics to equipment and machinery, is to deliver a comprehensive passenger experience along the entire value chain.

A revolution is taking place in the automotive sector. With the help of cutting-edge and disruptive technology, new firms are joining the auto industry. Younger generations, who have different expectations, are promoting new business models and pushing for radical product portfolio diversification through an increase in vehicle types. Industries must make large additional investments due to higher environmental and safety laws. New technological innovations are needed for this, such as the automation of powertrains and new electric and electronic architecture.


With information reduced to touch-screen interactions, the penetration of mobile devises has expanded exponentially. The very facet of human interaction – the way we think, work, shop and play have undergone a paradigm shift.

PSRTEK offers the best talent across all domains and needs, be it iOS, Android, Hybrid, Sybian, RIM, Taizen or anything in between. With in-depth expertise and an unmatched talent pool, we bring the ability to deliver success at every ‘touch point’!

Our talent pool of passionate developers, solution architects, UI and UeX experts are the best experts in mobility to give wings to any of your aspirations.

Roles Staffed include (but are not limited to)

  • Developers
  • Security experts
  • Testing engineers
  • UI and UEX experts
  • Designers
  • Project Managers

Key Skills Serves include (but is not limited to)

  • Android
  • iOS
  • Hybrid systems
  • RIM systems

Budget and Financial Services

For the broadest variety of skill sets and business sectors, we offer tailored talent solutions and recruitment services. We are a worldwide company with a strong local presence. Our talent assessment methodology is created to recognize and assess the behavioral characteristics of employees for a variety of objectives, including hiring, budget and financial services promotion, and professional development.

In addition to helping businesses achieve their objectives, we also align our personnel with the designated spots. Organizations may become better by using our talent assessment and competency development solutions. Assessing competencies not only aids in the growth of present talent but also sheds light on the skills and abilities that must be acquired. We bring exceptional knowledge and achieve results that are profoundly transformative as an ideals and technology powerhouse with an excellence-driven culture.

In order to ensure accountability for each component of our sustainability framework, known as the three pillars that is-People, Process, and Profits, we use a set of management techniques, business regulations, and standards. Our experts may successfully expedite hiring and enhance communication throughout the organization when they comprehend and identify requirements and skill shortages.

According to studies, organizations that use competency frameworks perform better overall and make better decisions. We place high importance on professionalism, responsiveness, honesty, and integrity in our client service. Hence our employees are the heart and soul of our business. They are tremendously brilliant and detail-oriented. In order to satisfy our consumers, we firmly believe in going above and beyond.


The space has a broad culture in terms of businesses and people, which means there are experiences and stories to bring to life and talent to keep the industry moving forward. We're proud to be doing our part by assisting health care in bringing novel medications and treatments to market, navigating the stages of a biotech's growth, and empowering work with a variety of industry participants. Our executive search firm focuses on identifying the top candidates who fit your process, systems, and culture.

Our Health care talent solutions, which has over years of experience in the healthcare industry, uses its extensive network and industry knowledge to attract the top 1 percent of the entire of passive and active applicants who are a good fit for your company.

We have extensive knowledge of the inner workings of provider and vendor operations because we operate in the healthcare industry, which gives us a unique perspective on the role, talent, and skill set required to thrive in your position.

Meet, in contrast to other recruiting firms, has a really committed and knowledgeable medical staff. We are aware of how much individuals and businesses rely on the knowledge and abilities of those who work in the industry. Therefore, we can assist you whether you're a corporation in need of specialized talent or an enthusiastic individual seeking to further your career. Contact a member of our PSRTEK hiring staff right away.

Cloud Computing

With cloud computing emerging as the most readily accessible, dynamic and cost-effective solution for the IT needs of a business, specialized talent is the need of the hour to capitalize on this trend. With an aim to enhancing productivity, cutting cost and achieving cutting edge solutions, PSRTEK offers the best talent and end-to-end expertise to conceive, implement, test, deploy and scale any cloud-based solution.

With rich experience in different domains we offer the most efficient alternative to give wings to your ideas

Roles Staffed include (but are not limited to)

  • Engineers (Zure, Amazon etc)
  • Testing specialists
  • Program managers
  • Project managers
  • Technical and enterprise architects
  • Cloud designers, database and UX experts

Key Skills Serves include (but is not limited to)

  • Azure
  • AWS
  • Google cloud
  • Hybrids
  • Pivotal
  • Salesforce


With the need to deliver faster, efficient and streamlines solutions in a quick turn-around times, automation has taken major roles and multiple dimensions. While the need for reduced manpower and human intervention is pressing, it requires skilled experts to completely understand the nature of the challenge and deliver enduring value.

PSRTEK brings a basket of expertise focussing on niche areas. We wholly understand that one size does not fit all and hence, our bespoke approach and talent pool is designed to complement your engineering team whilst enhancing expertise multi fold.

Roles Staffed include (but are not limited to)

  • Process designers and managers
  • Robotics and automation consultants
  • Senior robotic engineers
  • Maintenance engineers and experts

Key Skills Serves include (but is not limited to)

  • Hadoop
  • Python
  • C++
  • Deeplearning 4J
  • NuPIC

Big Data

In today’s world where data collection devises are omnipresent, it requires creative thinking and analytical excellence to harness the data to useful information and achieve tangible results.

By engaging with PSRTEK, you get access to the right pool of experts to make the maximum out of the information age. With experts to define models, predict trends and design suitable processes, you get the most mind and market share and leave a solid footprint in the sands of time.

Roles Staffed include (but are not limited to)

  • Bug Data developers
  • Senior and junior analysts
  • Big Data Scientists
  • Statisticians and mathematical experts
  • Analytics experts
  • Strategists

Key Skills Serves include (but is not limited to)

  • Hadoop
  • Cassandra
  • TIBCO Spotfire
  • Tableau


While robotics as a science has a deep history and robots have been employed in critical industries for a long time now, the wider application is slowly finding its way. By not only eliminating fatigue, but bringing in greater reliability to repetitive tasks, robots have long been favoured in industries like manufacturing and heavy engineering.

With artificial learning and intelligence making rapid strides in recent times, the possibilities of robotics and automation looks bright not only from an industrial and commercial perspective, but from lay man view.

PSRTEK helps clients capitalize and expand on this trend by delivering the right experts. While the resource crunch has forced companies to innovate and upgrade the skills of existing resources, PSRTEK can play a key role by bringing veterans and experts to be a part of your team and delivering successful results.

Roles Staffed include (but are not limited to)

  • Robotics scientists
  • Robotics engineers and service professionals
  • System architects
  • Machine learning experts
  • Designers and developers
  • Software engineering specialists

Key Skills Serves include (but is not limited to)

  • DMDK
  • Blender
  • Java
  • Deeplearning4J
  • Spark


For any business to rapidly identify loopholes, capitalize on opportunities and deliver real value to all stakeholders, the key lies in analysing the data and getting out real actionable intelligence. For this to happen, data needs to be correctly collected from the relevant areas, stored and managed effectively, so as to maintain security whilst facilitating analysis.

By providing the best BI experts and Data Warehousing veterans, PSRTEK assures you of success in all your projects and endeavours. Our experts have wide exposure and experience across multiple platforms and technologies, thereby bring to the table complete skill set at every touch point and ability to tackle challenges in a dynamic and rapidly evolving environment.

Roles Staffed include (but are not limited to)

  • Program architects
  • Analysts
  • Embedded Developers
  • Technical support personnel
  • Project managers
  • Business Analysts

Key Skills Serves include (but is not limited to)

  • Datastage
  • Pega
  • Hyperion
  • Deeplearning4J
  • ETL Development
  • Data Cleansing
  • DW creation, management and analytics

SAP/Oracle Applications

SAP and Oracle are software majors offering a wide set of solutions for every need and it requires deep expertise and unmatched experience to correctly implement the solutions and ensure value to investment. Without the right talent, companies are often handicapped and can only capitalize on few features and services without enjoying the benefit of the entire suits.

PSRTEK delivers world class staffing solutions and ensures that the right experts engage with your organization. With immaculate references, prior screening for technical and management competence, we bring ease to your recruitment challenges, so that you can focus on running your core business.

Roles Staffed include (but are not limited to)

  • Program architects
  • Program architects
  • Analysts
  • Consultants
  • Project managers
  • Training Specialists
  • Business Object Experts
  • Developers
  • DB specialists and analyst

Key Skills Serves include (but is not limited to)

  • SAP Hana
  • SAP PP-PI Developer
  • AP Transportation Functional Analyst
  • SAP SRM Consultant
  • SAP WM/IM Analyst
  • Oracle SCM (Quoting and Pricing)
  • Oracle APEX Lead
  • Oracle MarkView Technical Consultant
  • Oracle Configurator Architect

Network and Infrastructure Services

With a rapidly changing technology landscape, it is imperative that companies constantly upgrade systems, networks and procedures to continue having the ability to outsmart competition and take on all existing and foreseeable threats.

Instead of a thousand minions spinning the wheels, organizations are looking for skilled personnel in key roles to drive performance, ensure and exceed compliance requirements and maintain agility. This is where PSRTEK comes in. With a global footprint and strong industry knowledge, we bring the ability to deliver talent at your doorstep that is the right fit to your unique culture.

Our collaborative approach, culture of excellence and performance track record is sure to impress you and our success lies in your delight!

Roles Staffed include (but are not limited to)

  • DB Experts
  • Network specialists and solution architects
  • Security experts
  • Analysts
  • Technical support personnel
  • Project managers
  • Service delivery managers
  • Support technicians
  • Cloud Computing experts

Key Skills Serves include (but is not limited to)

  • LAN/WAN architecture
  • Capacity Planning
  • System Management
  • Certified specialists (CISCO, Amazon, Microsoft, Redhat etc)
  • Avaya
  • VMWare
  • Checkpoint

Content Management Services

Content management is a broad gamut that includes application project specialists, analytics and identity management solutions. Software like Oracle, which is extremely versatile, requires the right resource to help organizations effectively harness the capabilities and achieve top-notch value.

Our pool of Oracle talent brings unmatched industry and implementation experience and key insight to successfully initiate and complete any project without wasting your time, resource or money.

By engaging with us, you get access to a pool of high calibre professionals who not only relish opportunities but are carefully screened and ready for immediate deployment in any aspect related to content management.

Roles Staffed include (but are not limited to)

  • DB Experts
  • Oracle implementation experts
  • Data Analysts
  • Program Managers
  • Solution Architects
  • DB experts
  • Project Managers
  • Web Application consultants

Key Skills Serves include (but is not limited to)

  • Open CMS
  • Hyperion
  • Demantra
  • Drupal
  • Joomla
  • Oracle Identity Manager
  • Siebel
  • Siteminder
  • Spotfire
  • Marketo
  • Taleo

Engineering Services

As a one-stop hub for engineering services, we offer end-to-end expertise right from concept to manufacture, validation, modelling and simulations to reverse engineering and anything in between! What differentiates PSRTEK is the eclectic mix of talent and experience that oozes with vibe and creativity. With a multi-disciplinary background, collaborative approach and rich insight in different aspects of engineering services, our team brings the complete 360° view to any project.

With experience in managing multi-disciplined projects, we bring rigour and thought to our every activity. Our vast knowledge base, key competence and passionate, yet practical, approach are sure to help us exceed your expectations and partner with you in success.

Services include but not limited to

  • Industrial Design
  • Engineering design (New products, reverse engineering etc)
  • Prototyping
  • Testing, verification, validation
  • Manufacturing and scaling support
  • Drawing conversions
  • Documentation support

ERS (Engineering and R & D Services)

Being an engineering and R&D leader in the city, we assist clients to develop smart products, streamlined processes, innovative customer experiences, and new sources of revenue by releasing R&D potential and innovation. We use innovation to help businesses create and produce unrivaled products and services in a time where time-to-market has become an obsession and digital disruptions are pervasive.

By leveraging our specialists, labs, tools, and frameworks across three key competence fields, we assist the best-leading innovators in engineering the goods and services of the future. PSRTEK's Engineering and R&D Services (ERS) highlight the company's strong engineering foundation and expertise by enabling clients in the engineering, manufacturing, supply chain, and services industries to produce digital products more quickly.

ERS makes use of over-plentiful solution accelerators as well as cutting-edge technologies like cloud, IoT, AI, augmented reality, virtual reality, and self-driving vehicles. ERS has assisted clients in successfully bringing an increasing number of goods to market thanks to the knowledge and best practices gleaned from working with more than a few different companies. It is renowned for being a thought leader in digital engineering technology and provides the following services to clients.

We are a worldwide company that uses the Cloud and cutting-edge digital technologies to speed the development of products and platforms, monetize them, and deliver top-notch customer experiences. Nevertheless, we offer engineering product and service development services, from tech concept and idea formulation through transfer to execution, offering cutting-edge solutions with shortened time-to-market, improved return on investment, and lower risk.

IOT Works

Our strategy is built around the development of the Internet of Things ecosystem, which has led to the emergence of a production process for assets that connect things, data, processes, and people. Our mission is to cater to enterprises at various IoT adoption stages with our services and Design, Create, and Serve IoT solutions.

Once more, we deliver superior expertise or talent solutions to Determine the business issues that IoT services and solutions can help with, Industry benchmarking and analytics, an IoT technology roadmap that takes intended business results into account technology roadmap and POC strategy Business process transformation that is user-centric. Our approach to offering solutions is in line with fundamental components of the asset value chain, assisting businesses in reducing costs and hastening time to market.

Our solution classifications, Asset, Site, and Transform—serve the special requirements of network participants, internet products, connected infrastructure, and connected operations. In order to collaboratively develop enterprise IoT talent solutions to answer our customers' business concerns, we have strategic collaborations with leading providers across IoT platforms, IoT devices, connectivity, and sophisticated analytics. PSRTEK is aware of the dangers involved with running a developing company.

The ability to find talent in a cutthroat market might mean the difference between success and failure when depending on specialized knowledge and experience. Effective hiring is essential for avoiding delays in projects, lowering expenses, Keeping up productivity, and enhancing internal innovation capabilities. We establish connections with hiring managers and candidates to achieve the best fit for everyone involved in order to avoid these obstacles.


At PSRTEK we develop talent in the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries into careers. Every step of the hiring process is supported by our talent acquisition professionals. Regardless of how specialized the position is, our experts find skilled people who match the needs of the clients. We are able to provide the most inventive manpower solutions in the sector thanks to this degree of service and knowledge.

We have also been able to staff landmark projects internationally by collaborating with the world's biggest companies. However, we are aware that building and keeping strong leadership teams is essential for success. These are important hires that can help a company reach its financial, strategic, and marketing objectives. Our executive search service is run by an experienced group of sector experts who specialize in finding C-suite professionals.

Although it is a significant task to move a sizable population of pharma talent solutions to a single supplier, PSRTEK's assistance and efficiency throughout the process made the changeover smooth. The pharmaceutical business is intricate. One that is always changing amid a lot of regulations and modifications and has recently been thrust squarely into the limelight.

We are here to help users and aspirants understand the nuances of the sector as experts in pharmaceutical recruitment. Moreover, benchmarking increases knowledge of market compensation patterns and how they affect an employee's ability to produce high-quality work. We gather comprehensive benchmarking data, including spending and reimbursement packages too.

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